Privilege Abuse

by Privilege Abuse

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Vocals- Gracie Sell
Guitar/Vox- Danny Rice
Guitar- Jerry Trevino
Bass- Huytan Nguyen
Drums- Cody Garay


released September 20, 2016

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Zachary Cox
All music written by Privilege Abuse .
All artwork by Jason Frazier

Special Thanks to:
Tyler Hebert
Ryon Wharton
Brandon Coovert
Darke Complex
Lesser Degree
Forged by Hate
Lowest Priority
Gouge Away
Sentenced To Burn
Begotten Media
Amber King
Jordan McKinney
Jacie Jones
Chris Burgess
Eric Andre
And to the Houston SISTERHOOD.



all rights reserved


Privilege Abuse Houston, Texas

5 piece hardcore band from Houston, TX.

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Track Name: Brotherhood
A faceless victim in a world of lust
I shelter all those who were left to dust
My friends whose palm cast my fucking face
Manifest judgement with no fucking place
Tell me i'm safe where I stand
And put in mind that you're the "bigger man",
I'm not your brother, fuck your brotherhood
You beheaded your youth
You're at loss what to do.

A fad started by those unknown,
steel pressing down
Crack this skull!
Spitting dirt and deception down the victim's throat,
and wonder why they can only choke
Fabrication ends in annihilation,
You beheaded your youth! Where are your brothers?
Aura of falsity and you always could,
A broken family called a brotherhood.

Corruption and rage,
exists and blooms
Boundaries are invisible
And violence held in guarded rooms
Seek out the weak like prey
It'll pursue you,
No comfort to stray.
Track Name: Coerced
Born into revenge
"An only isolated son"
Live to avenge
Choke hold till you've won
Breaking down my purpose
Ruled by godless whim,
Coerced by flatter
Spit on and battered

No recovery
No apology
No grief for a bottom feeder

Lay your hands on me, fool
And i'll slice them off
Don't fucking touch me
Won't bow to your sadist needs
I know where you been
I know what you do
I know who you hurt
I know there's no value in you

Fucking backbiter

No recovery
No apology
No grief for a bottom feeder

No recovery
No apology
No grief for a
Track Name: Honor Killings
Crucified as I enter earth
Innocence stolen
Greed becomes a welt,
Carried like a burden on the human race

Fucking, starving, killing our young
Minorities hung
Our world's eternal coffin,
I lay above the ground that will soon
Swallow me...

Gripping onto freedom
Take our clean hands
Show us something different
With violent demand
Show me something different
It's all the same
Show me something different
I won't be renamed

Killing us
Raping us
Starving us